Introduction of Kangsheng Group

Found in 1996,Kangsheng Groupis located in the beautiful Lake City of Thousands Islands,established Zhejiang Kangsheng Company Limited and Zhongzhi New Energy Vehicle Company Limited, with industrialsites in over 10 provinces like Zhejiang, Jiangsu,Sichuan,Beijing, Shandong,Anhui etc.Kangsheng Group has over 10000 employees, involves three strategic business units of refrigeration tube systems,electric vehicle core components and financial lease projects. Kangsheng was listed in SZSE in 2010 (code 002418). Kangsheng has successfully transformed and upgraded from asingle home appliance industryto industries ofhome appliance and new energy vehicle in 2015,who is a international leading enterprise in the industry of refrigeration piping,and a rising star in new energy vehicles industry.

Home appliance refrigeration system piping: Since its foundation, Kangsheng Group adheres to scientific and technological innovation,explores the application and substitution of new materials in refrigeration industry, developing energy-saving and environmental friendly products. First to apply the technology of “using steel instead of copper, using aluminum instead of copper”, achieves fruitful results. Made a great contribution of reducing manufacture cost of refrigerator and air conditioner.Currently produced steel tube, aluminum tube, copper tube, micro channel heat exchanger, condenser and evaporator . are widely used by well-known home appliance enterprises.Kangsheng is thelargest manufacturing base of refrigeration pipes with the most complete specifications, the biggest production capacity and the deepest of products extending.Refrigeration pipes have occupied 70% share of domestic home appliance market and obtained over 70 national patents.

New energy vehicles industry chain :With the aid of capital platform, Kangsheng Groupenters the new energy vehicles industry.Set up zhongzhi New Energy Vehicle Company Limited , has fully integrated the best enterprises of professional designing, vehicle manufacturing, marketing and after sales services,set up a full production chain in the field of new energy vehicles.masters six core technologies concerning new energy vehicles, including wheel edge drive, electric motor, electronic control, battery, electric air conditioning and composite materials.has over 10 subsidiaries like Zhongzhi No. 1 Bus Company, Shuchi Bus, Yongsheng Vehicles, Yongtong Vehicles, Zhongzhi Aviation, and Zhongzhi Chun’an etc.Kangsheng Group mainly produces pure electric tourist bus, pure electric bus, pure electric logistics vehicle, pure electric touring car and pure electric airport shuttle bus. Group companieshave over 80 national patents, including 15 national invention patents.

Investment financing lease : Mainly FuJia financing lease as the main carrier of management, investment and development of financing lease, small loans and other financial services and modern financial karma for combining the entity industry and financial business.

In the pursuit of excellence, sustainable. Kangsheng people are believing in the values of sincerity, devotion, cooperationand sharing,working hard towards the grand goal of “Word Kangsheng, Culture  Kangsheng, 100-billion Kangsheng, Evergreen Kangsheng”.

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